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Experience the pinnacle of sun control and privacy with our premier window film service. Our expert technician meticulously applies top-grade films, providing not just a shield from UV rays but also an elegant touch to your space. Enjoy enhanced energy efficiency, reduced glare, and increased privacy without compromising on natural light. Elevate your surroundings with our exclusive window film service, where sophistication meets practicality.


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Hi! I'm Brian Wanzek, the owner of Premier Window Film. With 17+ years of experience, I understand the importance of keeping up with industry trends and regulations. I run my business on accountability and catering to your needs. While providing experienced insight to my customers.


What We Offer For You

Non Reflective Solar Control Films

Elevate your living or working space with our advanced solar control window films, including our non reflective films. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to block harmful UV rays, reduce glare, and maintain optimal temperatures indoors. Enjoy enhanced energy efficiency, increased privacy, and a more comfortable environment with our premium solar control window films, tailored to elevate your windows and transform your space.

Security Film

Fortify your windows with our top-tier security window films that provide an added layer of protection for your home or business. Engineered to deter intruders and minimize the risk of shattered glass, our security films offer peace of mind without sacrificing natural light. Strengthen your defenses with our advanced security solutions along with blending transparency with enhanced safety for a secure and tranquil environment.

Decorative Film

Transform your windows into works of art with our exquisite decorative window films. Infuse elegance and style into your space while maintaining privacy and controlling light. Our diverse range of patterns and designs allows you to personalize your windows, creating a visually stunning ambience that complements your interior decor.

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Brian was great to work with and he did a great job matching other window tint that we had as well as helping us find a solution for the sun glare that would make our associates job difficult and even cause them headaches. I will definitely keep Brian and Premier Window Film in mind for any future tinting needs that I may run across!

Tristan Ross

Brian is super attentive and easy to work with. Window tint looks strange as it adheres and cures, but Brian was extremely helpful in addressing my concerns and questions. We love the tint and wow, what a difference it has made!! We referred him to several other neighbors who have since had tinting done as well by Brian.

Mary Timmer


What are the benefits of window film?

Window film brings a trifecta of benefits to your space. By blocking harmful UV rays it safeguards your furnishings from sun damage, enhances privacy, and reduces glare. Creating a more comfortable and visually appealing environment. With improved energy efficiency, window film is a practical solution that not only elevates your living or working space, but also contributes to cost savings.

Can window film be applied to all types of windows?

Yes, window film is versatile and can be applied to various types of windows, including single-pane, double-pane, and tempered glass. It is suitable for both residential and commercial windows, as well as specialty windows, offering a flexible solution for enhancing privacy, UV protection, and energy efficiency across different architectural designs.

How long does the window film process typically take?

The window film installation process is a swift and efficient solution, typically completed in just a few hours. Depending on the size and complexity of the project. Our expert technician works diligently to ensure minimal disruption to your routine, by providing you with an immediate enhancement to your space's comfort, privacy, and energy efficiency.

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